Looking to update your kitchen?

Have you considered painting your cabinets to update your kitchen?  I have a client who is thinking about painting her dark wood kitchen cabinets.  She is thinking about white paint on the cabinets and grey on the kitchen island.

Painted cabinets are a hot look right now and it’s less expensive than replacing all of the cabinets.

This article from Houzz gives you step by step instructions if you decide to tackle the job yourself or simply want to learn more about it before hiring a professional to do the work.



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6 Tips for Perfect Painting


Painting the walls of your new home is a great first step in personalizing your new space.  Or perhaps you are preparing your current home to sell, painting is a terrific way to update and freshen up the space.

Here are a few tips that will help ensure you paint correctly the first time.

Choose the right color.   There are many shades and tones of each color and they can appear different once they are applied to the walls.  Colors will have either a warm or cool base so each shade of a color will appear different once on the wall.  Plus the wall color will be effected by other colors and finishes in the room.  It’s best to paint a large swatch on the wall of each color you like if you are unsure.

Select the correct finish.  A flat finish can look dull on the wall, while a matte has a softness and is easy to touch up.  That makes a matte finish terrific for high traffic areas such as hall ways and busy rooms.  A semi-gloss finish is shinier than the others but that makes it more durable and easier to clean, perfect for kitchens and baths.

Notice the amount of light in the room.  Does the room get a lot of natural light?  Or are there lots of lamps, overhead lighting or other lights?  The type and amount of light will effect how the colors will look on the wall once applied.  Paint will look darker in rooms with less light and the wrong shade can look harsh in a room flooded with natural light.

Don’t ignore the ceiling.  The ceiling is the fifth wall of the room and can make a great statement if painted the right color.  Unfortunately it can make a bad statement and look dirty if it is not freshly painted like the rest of the room.  If you are lucky enough to have a tray ceiling you can really get creative with your painting.

Choosing the wrong accent wall.  If you decide to paint a wall an accent color, understand the contrast color will draw attention to the wall.  Be sure you select the wall you want everyone to notice and the color compliments the design of the room.

Be cautious with trendy paint colors and designs.  If you are unsure the newest designer color or pattern will look terrific on your new walls consult a professional designer for assistance.

Have fun with your painting and remember mistakes shouldn’t be too expensive and can always be corrected with a new gallon of paint.

Kelly Harden, Realtor®

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