Buying a home with your pet in mind

27331637_1734695936591289_3326165997058110495_nMany of my clients make decisions on where and how to live based upon their pet’s needs.

I have a client buying a new home so her dog will be happier.  Currently they live in a townhouse with a very tiny, almost non-existent yard.  Her large breed dog misses the yard and swimming pool they had before.

Another buyer refused to look at homes without a fence because her dog likes to run the fence line.

Our pets are our family and many of today’s buyers place a high priority on their pet’s happiness when buying a new home.

Important pet requirements include a large back yard, fully fenced with a good walking neighborhood.  Bonus points are awarded to homes near dog parks or pet friendly walking trails.

Flooring choices are important too.  Carpet can trap pet dander and odors.

When shopping for a home with your pet in mind we also need to condsider potential HOA restrictions on types and breeds of pets as well as number of pets allowed per household.

I should also tell you that if I were buying a new home any of my housing decisions would also be strongly influenced by my two pups as well!

Kelly Harden, Realtor®

Mihara & Associates, Inc.



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