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Twilight Photography can make your home stand out from the crowd

DSC_0273Twilight photos use lighting to create a mood that enhances listing photos.  It is a great way to showcase your home and help it stand out from the crowd.


If you have decorative outdoor lighting evening shots can look fantastic.


Start with a professional photographer.  Then turn on every light inside the home and all outdoor lights as well.


If you are getting pool photos turn on the pool lights too.

When done well twilight photography will help show the beauty of your home to potential buyers, and it’s a lot of fun too!

Kelly Harden, Realtor

Mihara & Associates, Inc.



Tips to organize your kitchen cabinets

Can you use a little help organizing your life?  I sure can!!!

This Houzz blog has some great organizational tips for your kitchen cabinets.  Now I need to follow them!!!

Kelly Harden, Realtor

Mihara & Associates, Inc.