Real Estate

Preparing your home for sale


Everyone wants to sell their home quickly and get the highest price possible.  Taking the time to prepare your home before listing it for sale can help make that happen.

Picture your home in the eyes of the buyer.  Really take the time to look at everything up close and personal.  We tend to overlook the little things when we see them everyday.

Start from the outside of your home.  Does the landscaping need to be refreshed?  When was the last time the trees and shrubs were trimmed?  Are there dead or dying plants that need to be removed or replaced?  Do you need to add a little color with seasonal plants?  Replace the mulch, paint the mailbox and powerwash the walkway if needed.

Now walk to the front door.  Is the entryway clean and inviting?

Once inside it’s time to de-clutter every room.  The general rule of thumb is anything larger than a football should be packed up.  Remove any personal photographs.  The idea is the buyers should be able to envision living in the home with their belongings and photos.

Be ruthless when de-cluttering, especially in the closets and cabinets.  You want to highlight as much storage as your home has.  Don’t worry about having to pack up the holiday dishes and things you only use once a year.  You are planning on moving, you are going to have to pack them up eventually so why not take care of that now.

Thoroughly deep clean your home, scrubbing all the corners, cleaning the vents and all those areas you never even think about.   You want to make sure it shines!

Repair any minor items that have been on your “honey do” list that you keep putting off.  Refresh the paint where needed.

Details matter.  Believe it or not, your home is about to enter a beauty contest with all the other homes for sale in the area and we want your home to win the crown (or get sold!).

Kelly Harden, Realtor®

Mihara & Associates, Inc.






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