Back to School 2017

This time of year means preparing for Back to School for many families.  We are preparing a little differently at our house this year.

On Friday Buddy and I drove to Tallahassee to help Brent move out of his apartment.  After three years of living with three roommates he has decided he is ready to be on his own for his final year of college.  This means moving out of his existing apartment before the end of July and moving into his new apartment just before school starts around August 28th.


Where is he going to live in the meantime?  Back home with Mom and Dad of course!  Yes, Brent and all of his things are stuffed into his room and any free space we have in the living room.

But wait, there is more! Erin has decided she is ready to live on her own.  She found an adorable place closer to her teaching job that will cut at least 20 minutes off her drive time to work each day.  She moves out next Friday, just in time to get settled before school starts for her.

During the wait she has purchased a few things for her new home.  They are now stuffed into the living room and dining room along with boxes of stuff that was stored in the garage, under her bed, her closet, etc.

All this coming and going means I currently have 2 extra dining tables and an extra sofa along with tons of boxes of kitchen and bath items stuffed into every free space of my house!!!  And I love it!

We won’t be entertaining in the living and dining room anytime soon, but my youngest two are both home for what may be their last time together and I am one happy mom!

Kelly Harden, Realtor®

Results that get you packing!

Mihara & Associates, Inc.



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