Real Estate

Tips to be the perfect prospective buyer

When you are touring homes with your agent looking for the perfect home to purchase it’s important to keep in mind the homes you are visiting belong to the sellers.  You are a visitor in someone else’s home.

You have the right to inspect every nook and crannie of the house, open closet doors, look in the cupboards and the pantry but remember the belongings are the homeowners personal property and should be left alone.

Most of us have been parents and understand you will need to bring your children with you when visiting properties, but be sure to supervise them.  Bring along a small toy or video game for them to play with or take turns watching them with your partner.  Children will often want to be part of the home buying experience and they should be if possible, but unsupervised children have been known to accidentally damage a sellers home or belongings.  (some unsupervised adults have too!)

Remember it is the sellers home, so follow their rules.  This means taking off your shoes when asked, scheduling showings at their convenience and turning off the lights and locking up when finished.

Following these simple tips will help make searching for the perfect home a breeze!

Kelly Harden, Realtor®, GRI

Mihara & Associates, Inc.





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