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Can I stay home when buyers tour my house?

Often sellers will ask if they can be home while an agent is showing their home to potential buyers.  Can you be home?  Of course you can, but you shouldn’t.

Why shouldn’t you be home while buyers are touring your home?

Your presence may make buyers feel uncomfortable.  Buyers may feel they need to rush through the tour when a seller is present so they don’t inconvenience you.  They may not take the time to linger and explore each room.  They may feel they can’t discuss things they don’t like about the property or remodeling projects they might do.

You might accidentally say something that puts you at a disadvantage during negotiations.  You don’t want the buyers and their agent to know that you have to move quickly or that if this home doesn’t sell you will lose out on purchasing the home you have already picked out.

It is in your best interest to find something to do for a bit while home buyers tour your property.  Go out for a cup of coffee or a meal, take a walk, do your shopping, take a book to read at the park…plan on going anywhere else you can!

Kelly Harden, Realtor®

Century 21 Affiliated




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