The best holiday party drink I’ve found

I am not a good cook.  My idea of cooking is how quickly can I get the food to the table.  My family says the dinner bell is when the smoke alarm goes off.  So when the holidays are here I concentrate on the drinks and leave the meal to the cook, my husband.

The best holiday drink I have found is Emiril Legasse’s Red Rooster.  It tastes delicious and with it’s rich red color looks striking in the glass.  I use beautiful glasses when serving, snowflake adorned wide rimmed glasses for Christmas and New Years, tall wine glasses with gilded rims and stems for Thanksgiving and short wide mouth martini glasses for most other holidays.  I’ve found a wide mouth glass works the best with the slushy drink.

With my cooking skills, I really love the simplicity of this drink and all my guests do too.  I hope you will give it a try this holiday season and let me know what you think.

1 1/2 quarts Cranberry Juice

1 6 oz can frozen orange juice concentrate, defrosted

2 cups vodka

Combine all ingredients in a large plastic container.  Be sure to mix it well.  Freeze for several hours.  The vodka will keep it from freezing solid, it will be the consistency of a slush.

Scoop into festive wine glasses, punch glasses or martini glasses and serve.

Here is a link to the food network site where you can find the recipe

Kelly Harden, Realtor®

Century 21 Shaw Realty




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