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Kiefer Jewelers in Lutz Saves the Day

Tuesday is my mother’s birthday and our family held a luncheon birthday party for her Sunday at Outback.  Being your typical mom she insisted upon no gifts.  We all agreed.  Or at least thought we did.  Until Sunday morning came around and I simply could not go to the party without something to give my mother!

Panic began to set in, it’s Sunday morning, what’s open where I can purchase something beautiful and thoughtful?  Plus the lunch started at 1:00 so I needed to be finished shortly after 12:00 so we had time to get to the restaurant.

I checked online and found Kiefer Jeweler’s opened at noon.  Mom has a soft spot for jewelry.  Erin and I were outside when they opened up at noon.  Two years ago I bought her a Pandora bracelet she loves.  I decided to look at their charm collection and see what I could find.  They had several different birthday charms to choose from.  Thankfully Erin was with me and helped, I would have picked the wrong one on my own!

While the saleswoman carefully wrapped the gift we had a chance to look around.  They have lots of beautiful pieces.  Along with Pandora they also carry Alex and Ani, several bridal collections and many other jewelry designers I have never heard of!  Plus they do repairs and watch batteries.  I will be back!

We were able to make it to the lunch on time.  Both of my brothers were there along with my cousins, uncle, daughter in law as well as my father, my husband, Erin and I.  All of us disobeyed mom and got her a little something!  And yes, she loved her charm.  It was a filigree heart with an opal birthstone, perfect for her.  (I almost chose the red charm that said Happy Birthday on it…I liked it!)

Thank you Kiefer Jewelry for helping me put a smile on my mothers face for her birthday!

Kelly Harden, Realtor®

Mihara & Associates, Inc.



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