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Help your Tampa Bay Area home sell faster with professional staging


Why should you stage your home when you list it for sale?  Staged homes allow buyers to visualize how they will live in the space.  A well staged home helps to sell the lifestyle the buyer wants to live and creates an emotional connection with the buyer.

Statistically, unstaged homes can take 90% longer to sell than staged homes and go through multiple price reductions while waiting to sell.  For less than the price of the first price reduction a professional stager can come in and turn the home into a WOW space.

Buyers often cannot visualize how an empty space can be used.  Staging solves this dilemma.

Staging give you the opportunity to showcase your home to it’s best advantage.  Even simple changes such as updating the artwork can have a major impact on the sale of your home.  Professional stagers will work with your furnishings whenever possible.  Often furnishing can be rearranged or edited for a more pleasing floor plan. Furniture can also be leased from furniture companies if needed.

When the time comes to list your home a consultation with a professional stager is a great option that is well worth the investment.  When listing your home we will discuss the best options for you.

Kelly Harden, REALTOR®

CENTURY 21 Shaw Realty




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