Time to retire a good friend

It’s time to retire Bonnie, she has been a good friend of the family but her time has come.  She has been with us since March of 2009 but she has been with our family since Valentine’s Day 2001.

Bonnie is my grandmother’s 2001 Pontiac Bonneville.  My grandfather bought her as a Valentine’s Day gift for my grandmother.  Grandma drove her proudly to the grocery store, church and the library until one day Grandma decided to stop driving.  Then Grandpa was in the hospital and Grandma wanted to visit him.  She decided right then and there it was time to start driving again.  After he died she continued to drive for a while and then decided it was time to stop.

Bonnie stayed in Grandma’s garage for a while, only going for an outing when my mother or I would take Grandma shopping.  Shortly afterward Bonnie came to stay with us.

My husband drove Bonnie for a few months at first and when my youngest son learned to drive she became his.  Bonnie took him everywhere.  When Brent went off to college Bonnie stayed behind and became my daughter Erin’s car.  When Erin went to college she took Bonnie with her.  She continued to drive Bonnie until last Sunday.

Bonnie is getting old, she has a few “wrinkles” and “age spots”.  She doesn’t run as smoothly as she did when she was young.  But she helped my children learn to drive, she kept them safe.  She is one of the last visible reminders of my grandmother.  But it is time to let her go, her work is done.

Goodbye Bonnie, you have been good to us and I will miss you

Kelly Harden, REALTOR®

CENTURY 21 Shaw Realty



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