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Moving to Tampa Bay with Kids


You’ve decided give up the cold weather and shoveling snow to become a Floridan and move to the Tampa Bay area.   Or maybe you already are living here and simply want to move across town because you’ve outgrown your current home.  What can you do to make the move a little less stressful on your kids?

Tell them about the move early in the process.  You don’t want them to accidentally overhear your conversations about the move.  It’s best if the news comes directly from you.  Be upbeat and positive and expect some negative emotions to come up.  Listen to them and let them know their feelings are valid.

Get them involved in the process.  No matter what their age, kids want to feel important and that their opinions matter.  Once you’ve selected the new home ask them for feedback.  If possible allow them to select which room they can call their own or what color to paint their bedroom walls.  Give them the chance to take ownership of their new space.

Let them explore the new neighborhood online (if they are old enough).  Where will their new school be?  Is their a playground nearby?  Where will they play sports or take dance lessons?  Where is the nearest pizza place or McDonald’s?   How close is the beach and the theme parks?

Schedule a visit to the new area if possible.  Let them see in person all of the wonderful reasons you have decided to move there.  Show them all the things they researched online.

The hardest part will be saying good bye to friends.  Show them ways they can stay in contact with their old friends, such as phone calls, Facetime and emails.  Encourage them to make new friends as well.

I hope these tips help take some of the stress out of your next move.

Kelly Harden, Realtor

CENTURY 21 Shaw Realty Group





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