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Creative Open Houses

Webster’s Dictionary defines an Open House as  an event in which anyone who is interested in buying a particular house, apartment, etc., is invited to go inside and look at it.  The idea is to get as many people you can to see your home and want to buy it.


Let’s change things up a bit and hold an Open House that can be fun and creative which will help your home stand out from the crowd.

Host a private party and invite the neighbors.  Many of your neighbors know a friend or family member who is looking to move closer to them.  Take advantage of that by hosting a get together just for them.  If you have beautiful backyard make it a picnic.  Does your home have a fantastic sunset view?  Host a cocktail evening showcasing that view!

Host a fundraising event for your favorite charity.  You provide the space, the charity invites their donors to the event, your house has just been shown to more potential buyers.

Do you belong to a club or organization?  Offer to host the next meeting at your home as a special private Open House.

Hire a Hot Dog Cart or Ice Cream Truck to attend a typical Saturday or Sunday Open House and make it an event!  You are sure to draw a crowd.

Let’s get creative, draw attention to your home and have some fun!

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Kelly Harden, Realtor

CENTURY 21 Shaw Realty Group


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